The Factory/Kulturfabrikken

Bachelor project

The Factory/Kulturfabrikken is a public library and cultural centre in Mindemyren that works with the structure of an existing factory building from the 1960’s.

In this project, the existing building has been left with just its coloumns and slabs, thus creating a skeleton and grid ready to be inhabitated by new volumes and spaces for public life. These elements are working independently from the existing structure by adding new heights and lengths in the vertical and horizontal language of the building.

On the urban scale, the modifications of the building adds a new direction in Mindemyren. Through a passage and public staircase going from the main road Fjøsangerveien, through the building, and down to Mindemyren, the building becomes a connector zone between east and west. This new axis created with these elements are transversal of the dominant linear movement going north to south on the urban scale of the area.

In addition, colour, light, the sun’s path and the cycle of the day has been key elements in developing the visual identity and atmosphere of the building as a whole.
As these elements are shifting their appearance during the cycle of the day,
the different spaces of the library will feel different during morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening hours.

spring 2019

// Bachelor course: Complex Building
at Bergen School of Architecture

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