Project at the aboretum in Balestrand
A semi-climatized space of gathering at the aboretum in Balestrand that gives different views of the three main environmental qualities at the site: the green forest, the everchanging water, and the sky and changing of light throughout a day. The building has different openings and climatization zones for these three, giving them their own presence in the structure.

For the water, a frame of a rectangle is open towards the outside. The frame is tilted slightly downwards and shows nothing of the area of Balestrand on the other side of the fjord, it only focuses on the shift and movement of the water.

The opening towards the sky is only a small crack in the ceiling in the middle of the building. Rather than giving a complete view of the sky, a narrow crack is given that also leaves a beam of sunlight that travels across the dark walls of this part of the building throughout the hours of a day.

Finally, a big semi-circle window that is angled upwards to the tree tops is in the inner and most sheltered part of the structure. This room is the gathering core of the structure with a generous ceiling height.

autumn 2017

// Climate Chamber course at Bergen School of Architecture


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